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Save yourself time and money with diesel truck and semi trailer repairs from Severn's Truck and Trailer Repair. You won't have to wait to get your truck towed to a garage. The staff at our mobile semitruck and trailer Repair Company come to where you are and will get you going again on the spot. Make sure to keep our number in your truck so you can call us when you need our services.

Mobile Diesel Truck Repairs

• Brake Repairs
• Hose Replacements
• Rear-End Repairs
• Clutch Replacements
• Air Governor Repairs
• Starter Replacements
• Air Compressor Repairs
• Cooling System Services
  – Radiators
  – Air-Conditioning
• Alternator Replacements
• Service for Refrigerated Trailers
• Spring and Suspension Repairs
• Welding for Trucks and Trailers